HB Rentals Provides Crew Housing for Construction Project in Montana

August 6, 2019

RIVERTON, Wyo. — HB Rentals has completed the delivery and installation of a crew quarters skid house to a construction site in Montana. The equipment will support the construction of cabins by providing housing for the construction team through the duration of the project.

Temporary Construction Crew Housing

Temporary Construction Crew Housing

A construction company was awarded a project to build new cabins. Because of the remote location of the project, the company reached out to HB Rentals to see what options were available for temporary crew housing. After discussing the site’s layout and utility connections, HB and the company agreed on a list of equipment requirements. The list included beds to sleep up to twelve people, a kitchen for cooking meals, and living room with satellite TV.

Crew Quarters Skid House with HD Satellite TV Receiver

Temporary Construction Crew Housing

Based on the company’s requirements, HB Rentals put together a cost effective housing solution. HB would provide a single crew quarters skid house and a HD satellite TV receiver. HB’s crew quarters skid house had the space to provide the needed twelve beds along with a full kitchen and living room. A HD satellite TV receiver was provided to give the crew satellite TV access in the living room.

Having met all the requested needs of the company, a delivery date was set. HB provided the trucking and the installation of the equipment on the project’s site. The equipment will support the project until the construction of the new cabins are completed.